Text: Marta Covioli
Photos: Diego Mola

*In the first one, "Road to Racing", we tried to give a taste of this wonderful sport with a particular journey in words and pictures through
the National and International Road Races. "Road Racing World" goes a bit further: we will get into riders' minds, seeing things from their perspective,
minutes before giving it full throttle; we will get with them on their bikes facing the fastest and most dangerous tracks in the world; we will meet
the unsung heroes and the legendary protagonists. A real mix of all the main aspects of the road racing world,
described following the most obvious or the oddest sequence,
yours the choice: from A to Z.

Foreword: Peter Hickman

Hardcover, book jacket, 160 pages, 26 chapters
Italian/English. €29,90

Publication date: January 2019

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